When you join The Western Branch Collective you gain much more than a series of convenient wine deliveries to your door. You gain us, and you become one of a collective who we ensure are our number one priority.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Collective.

Here's how it works

You can join at anytime and there is no membership fee.

All you have to do is lock in your first wine delivery date and let us know your preferences for the number of bottles you would like and the frequency you would like to receive them.

The financial benefits of being part of the The Western Branch Collective increase with the number of bottles you nominate and the frequency you would like them delivered. The minimum amount you need to receive from us in 12 months is 24 bottles. That could be in 2 shipments or it could be 6 bottles every 3 months. It is up to you; after all you know your drinking habits better than we do!

The key feature of the Western Branch Collective is flexibility. You choose the wines you want and when you want them. We can alter the frequency of your deliveries at any point if that is what suits you.

Planning a party and need extra bottles of fizz ASAP? Totally doable, all you need to do is ask. Going away for a couple of months? (lucky duck!) We’ll hit pause until you are back and over the jetlag.

Your membership commences from your first order, with subsequent orders delivered based on your initial preference, until you tell us otherwise.

Should you wish to stop receiving regular shipments, you can cancel your membership after a minimum term of 12 months but we hope you enjoy the benefits of our Collective so much that you will want to stay!

Enjoy these benefits

  • SIGN-UP: Yes, via our website or our Tasting Room
  • MINIMUM BUY AMOUNT: 24 bottles
  • MINIMUM LENGTH: 12 months from the date of your first purchase
  • WINE DISCOUNT: Up to 20%
  • FREIGHT: Free
  • Exclusive WBC Newsletter and VIP Member areas at events
  • First access to new-release wines and event tickets
  • First access to event tickets
  • Exclusive access to museum wines as part of your online purchases
  • No minimum buy at Tasting Room to receive your discount

Customise your wine club in four easy steps

  • Select how often your wine is delivered
  • Select how many bottles per pack
  • Choose your wines for your pack
  • Add your details & payment info

Step 1: Pack Preference

Please select which pack you would like

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