An Update From Us

It is with a heavy heart that we let you know that our venue is now closed for all wine flights, lunches, weddings and events due to government restrictions for licensed venues brought on by the COVID-19 virus.

It has been an extraordinarily difficult time for our business and our region with the impact of the bushfire and now COVID-19, quite honestly we are reeling from the events of the last three months. Sometimes we just look at each other and think what the hell happened?! It is exhausting to permanently be in damage control but it feels like that’s all we’ve been doing since December. We are not alone in this situation and we feel sad that our fellow Hills wine producers are largely in the same boat.

So we will close for now and wait for the moment we are told that we can safely reopen in our full capacity again. We will stay nimble, get creative and adapt as we have to, that is the challenge that all of us in the hospitality industry face in these unprecedented times.

Our online wine shop will remain open.  Our delivery partners have released statements outlining their stringent sanitisation and social distancing protocols, so we know that our wine will get to you safely.  We are working on some great offers to bring you over the next few weeks and months and we are currently working on getting our wines positioned around the country so we will have the ability to offer you same day delivery. Yay! We’ll update you on that as it happens but for now delivery remains 2-5 days.

SO given there has never been a better time to buy our wine online we are now offering:

FREE DELIVERY on any orders of 6 or more bottles
10% OFF on orders of 12 or more bottles

Finally, we just wanted to say that we hope you stay well and remain in good spirits through what will be a very challenging time for all of us. Things may have drastically changed for our business but we are staying positive and we know we will get through this. If we all do our bit, we will get to the other side. When we get there it is going to be bloody awesome!

Take care and big love,

Lucy & Darren

PS. Louis will miss all of your pats and ear rubs.