Wine Wednesday Chat At Home – Sticky

June 3rd 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Featuring our Lil ‘ Late Harvest Sticky.

Join us on Wednesday afternoons at 5:30pm for our at home wine chats via Instagram live.

We will be looking at a different style or variety within our wine range each Wednesday and having a (very informal) chat about it.

If you would like to taste along with us, you will find our Wine Wednesday Chat At Home Wine Pack in our online wine shop, alternatively you could just buy the variety that interests you most and tune in on that date. If you want to enjoy a margarita and tune in that is also fine!

This is more about being social than anything else. There are NO rules other than to have a chat, hopefully some fun and check in with you all. Expect kids and dogs to interrupt and probably some swearing if we are going to be totally honest.

This will be live, which is a little bit scary but hey, if you’re game we are too. Hope to see you tuning in, make sure you say hi!  

Lucy & Darren Golding