The 20th of December 2019 will remain seared into our minds forever.

This was the day that Mother Nature unleashed her fury on the Adelaide Hills in the form of the Cudlee Creek bushfire and unfortunately our Western Branch Vineyard was right in the path of this unstoppable beast.

In the most horrendous of conditions our vineyards burned and our beautiful property with its swathes of native bush land and ancient gums was reduced to a blackened smoldering shadow of its former self.

Darren stayed to defend the property and through sheer grit and determination, and with a certain amount of luck, he and the CFS crews that rushed to help were able to save our cellar door and gardens, family houses and our farm sheds. Twenty-five years of hard work in the form of our beloved vineyard was gone in the matter of an hour on that day.

In the days that followed this momentous event, mates arrived with sleeves rolled up ready to help. Calls came in from many across our industry with offers to help, in any way they could.

It is through the generosity of all of the people that surrounded us and held us up in our darkest hour that these beautiful wines have made it in to your hand. They are wines full of big heart and we will forever be grateful for those who stepped up to help. Our hearts remain full of gratitude.

** Aerial photos kindly supplied by Adelaide Aerial